Our History

MK Restaurant was opened in 2017 and quickly became the number one restaurant in Hanmer Springs.

We have been in the restaurant industry since the 90s running many successful restaurants across Europe and developing our passion for high-quality food.

Visit us today and enjoy our delicious food and professional service.

Mirek and Krystyna


Excellent Menu

We are very passionate about high-quality food. For the greatest satisfaction of our guests all dishes are prepared from scratch, using the best ingredients from our local suppliers.

To ensure you experience the highest culinary delight we prepare our food using various cooking techniques and ingredients.

By using many ways of cooking, including molecular and traditional techniques of cooking we want to offer our guests the most delicious dumplings in the world.

Our Chefs

Chefs are also artists and our chefs prove it! Every served meal is a piece of art, visit us and enjoy your exclusive masterpiece!

We find happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment in continuously serving somebody else something good to eat.

Elegant Interior And Design

The interior design of a restaurant is as important as the food.

We want to make sure you feel in our restaurant like at home. Our welcoming and relax interior has been designed by Albolab.

Seat up to 32 guests

Professional Service

Many years in the restaurant industry helped us understand that good service is a very important part of the overall dining experience.

We do our best to satisfy the needs and expectations of every customer that visits our restaurant!